A Pleasure to Spend

Pala Casino and Hotel is the destination for all your party needs. This hotel is best known for its inviting and charming atmosphere and an extremely exciting nightlife.

pala casino and hotel

With impressive accommodations, all inclusive meals, a fantastic restaurant, and exciting activities, this hotel is sure to fit your budget. Booking your room at Pala Casino and Hotel is quick and easy online, so that you can be on your way in no time. Make your reservations online today.

Pala Casino and Hotel is surrounded by an enchanting lagoon. The warm water of the lagoon comes from an 80-foot lagoon fountain, and the soothing sounds of the sea come from an incredible grand piano.

The private beach, with a spa bathhouse and a glorious coral reef, is just a short walk away. All of this along with the many different bars and lounges makes this a great place to go to. You can easily spend a day exploring Pala and will be spoiled for choice when it comes to what you would like to do.

If you prefer to play cards, then the Poker Room is your place to go. With eight tables and three dart boards, you will be sure to have a good time here.

The Rake-Roths Bar and Games are a popular place to hang out. You can enjoy many different drinks and live music. If you are a true gambler, then this is the place to be.

The Acrobat Games is great for watching kids play. This is the place to be if you would like to watch your kids at play.

The Pala Casino and Hotel is a very unique place to be. The staff members are friendly and accommodating, and the atmosphere is always conducive to a great night. With its great deals, exciting activities, and affordable accommodations, you will be completely happy in Pala Casino and Hotel.