Pala Hotel Casino – More Than Just a Place to Play Poker

Pala Hotel Casino is situated at the heart of Riyadh. The destination is well known for its beautiful beaches, rich culture and royal hospitality. It offers all that a Dubai traveler needs to enjoy the time spent in this vibrant city. This is also a popular tourist destination.

pala hotel casino

Today, Pala Hotel Casino has hosted several prestigious guests. These guests include political leaders, business executives, diplomats and heads of various embassies. Some of the guests who have stayed here include Ronald Reagan, Pierre Trudeau, John Major, Kim Iveson, Tony Blair, Princess Beatrice and Sir Henry Mitchell. Others include Mario Cuomo, Princess Diana, Sonia, Tony and Cherie Blair and William Hague.

Pala Hotel Casino was formally opened on the 26th of September, 1977. Its grand opening theme was a tribute to King Faisal. The casino was built to symbolize the King’s power and influence. Pala Hotel Casino was the first of its kind in the Kingdom. Today, it houses two hotels – Hotel Riyadh and Hotel North Atlantic.

The venue for Pala Hotel Casino was changed because of the decline in popularity of the City Hotel. The purpose of revamping the project was to give it a new feel and to make it more inviting to guests. The biggest contribution was made by architect Sheikh Jassim Al Mansouri. He redesigned the interior of the casino by combining traditional Arabian style with modern interiors.

The spectacular lobby of Pala Hotel Casino is now considered one of the most impressive in the world. It is a must visit attraction for tourists. The lobby is laid out in a majestic way. It has been designed in a classical manner which blends with the oriental architecture of the hotel. In the lobby, there are many different shops that offer different products such as jewelry, gifts, shoes, gold and silver and much more.

An important aspect of the design of the casino in Saudi Arabia is that it used to have the same entrance gate as the Emirates Palace Hotel. They were connected by a bridge which could be crossed by guests with ease. This is one of the most exciting features of the casino.

The main bridge on which the Palace Hotel and the Casino of the Emirates are located is known as the Al Jafiliyeh Bridge. This bridge can be crossed by VIPs on any occasion. However, guests have to park their cars here and make a short walk across the bridge before entering the casino.

The magnificent casino hall of the Pala Hotel Casino can accommodate up to three thousand guests at a time. However, visitors are advised not to stay in the hall during its busiest hours. It is advisable to go for dinner or have lunch inside the casino hall itself.